So I've got a Vox Ad100vth head sitting on top of a Hayden 4x12, but it just doesn't cut it for me. I've been put off hybrids by this, but is it just this amp? I can't get the kind of tone I want out of it, even with an EQ in the loop, it still sounds quite muddy.
Another thing I'd like to know, with heads like the Orange Terror series, they say that they're 20watts, but I hear they're much louder. How do you reckon it would sound without a slave amp? I'm using a Gibson LP studio, stock 490's straight into the head, with an MXR 6 band in the loop. Any suggestions for decent heads under about £700, preferrably running at 16ohms mono 240w (I don't want to rewire the cab to 8ohms stereo).
Cheers in advance UG.
Stating the obvious: Vox AD100 is a modelling amp.
- It is designed to get close to the sound of several famous classic amps, but unfortunately no model is perfect and so it instead like almost all modelling amps gets close but no banana

- Valve amps are louder - you certainly won't want up to 240W!!
What gigs are you playing that require 100W of power from a SS without being mic'd?
- I would venture to say there is no reason to buy a valve amp >30W unless it's sound comes from it's power rather than from it's design.
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You cab is rated at 240W. That means it can take an amp that will produce up to 240W, not that you need to run a 240W amp. I often run an 18W amp and even a 5W one into a 300W cab.
Normally one would want to run a cab of a higher rating than the amp. Amp power ratings are what the amp will produce theoretically before it distorts. A guitar amp (especially a tube one) will produce substantially more than that once you push it into distortion.
Forget what you think you know or what you think it is that you don't know. You need a better amp and to recommend one to you you need to provide us with some information. Go to this thread:
then come back here with the answers to the questions asked there.
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- £700 max, around £400 preferred.
- I want a versatile tone, clear cleans (john frusciante style), trebly distortion for riffs and mid saturation for solos (a la slash) very generic, but the best description.
- I'd prefer new, as I'd rather not replace tubes.
- For gigging live, but will be mic'ed.
- I'm located in Manchester.
- Gibson LP, MXR Equalizer, Crybaby Wah.
As I said before, is prefer a 16ohms rating, I don't want to run 8ohms.
do you need to be able to get those cleans on the fly? a laney gh50 or 100L would be great, but you more or less need to redial it in for cleans
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I would say you might look into the Jet City JCA22H, JCA50H, Egnater Tweaker, Orange Dual Terror, Egnater Rebel, Marshall DSL401, or a Blackstar HT-40. The Marshall is a combo, but can be hooked to your cab. The Blackstar is a Hybrid, but is of a different breed than your hybrid. The Blackstar has op-amps and clipping diodes in it's signal path that give it more gain and a tighter sound, very similar to putting a tubescreamer in front of a tube amp. The Blackstars are hit or miss. Some people like them, some don't. I personally like the sound they give, but they get a lot of hate on here because they are adverised as "all-tube" when they are actually hybrid.
Unfortunately, yes, I do need to be able to change between channels, I should've probably specified that :P

And I think I'll see if any retailers near me are stocking the Blackstar amps, thanks for the info, I'll try before I buy on anything that I can, but if the other amps you mentioned impress me online, I may have to make a purchase.

Thanks everyone