I invented this game about five years ago. It's great at parties when you want everyone to shut up and stop having fun for a bit.

Step 0 (optional): Get lightly baked.

Step 1: Pull up Audacity or MS sound recorder or something.

Step 2: Think up a short witticism (two words or so) and record yourself saying it.

Step 3: Reverse the clip and play it backwards a couple of times.

Do you want to die yet? Is it that much fun? Hold on, it gets better.

Step 4: Try to replicate the backwards-talk. Try picturing the individual sounds in your head and what they might sound like backwards. Also try and match the backwards-intonation of your voice.

Step 5: Repeat steps 1-3, but talk backwards. When you reverse the clip, it should come out forwards again.

Step 6: Laugh uproariously. Also, profit.

I think this is the best thing I've ever done.

If you get stuck, here's a phonetic alphabet to help you out:
Hahahahahahahahahah hahahaha har har har
I used to do this for radio assignments in high school.
One was for a wizard advert (I didn't make this up, so don't look at me) and I recorded "*teacher's name* can go fuck herself" and had it backwards, forwards and backwards. When she asked what that gibberish was, I said "oh, wizard speak".
Got an A. Graduated.
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