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Hi, I'm not a developer but I need something like this app so I went on to some online app maker and the result is this very simple app - Guitar Soloist (BETA).

This app contains embedded backing tracks of the guitar solo part of famous songs I practice with. The catch is, I can practice the solo anytime even in school and play with the guitar solo part quickly. Playing a whole backing track can be tasking especially when you have to fast-forward to the end part just to practice solo so I trimmed every backing track I sampled myself in good quality and embed it inside the app.

Spare my simplicity coz this app was generated from an online app generator. Download it and install it locally to your Android phone. I could have made a stream app but not all Android phones would work and you cannot play with it offline.

As of now I have included 12 "guitar solo backing tracks". I can add more in the next sampling. And don't blame me if you brick your phone with it while banging it with your guitar. I'm practicing more of app-making and in the future will add more features like tab display or slowdown etc.

Download Guitar Soloist BETA
This is a very generous gift and contribution. Thanks, man.
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Sadly this is Ultimate-guitar, not Simple-guitar. We can't help you.