So my band A Shot in the Dark recorded two songs a few weeks ago in a friend's basement, and while the quality isn't great, I figured getting some feedback couldn't hurt

(the songs are on the BandPage tab)
The first song is a cover of "Last Friday Night" by Katy Perry, that one actually doesn't sound half bad
The second one is an original song called "Viking Dogs are a Serious Matter", (before you ask the title is a stupid inside joke we've had for a few years), and the quality of it isn't quite as good, but you'll get a good idea of how it sounds anyway.

also, without sounding like a douche, if you dig what you hear, hitting that "Like" button for us would be appreciated.
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Hey, aside from the quality of the recordings, it sounds like you guys have some talent!

Reminds me a lot of Four Year Strong, and maybe a little bit of A Day To Remember, overall, it's really quite good. Get some legit recordings and I can't see it taking to long before you blow up!

Also, here's a link to my bands Facebook.


You can just comment on our page if you have anything you want to say!
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I'm like the songs, but they screamo vox are lost on ,not my thing.
Apart from that the songs sound prety good, your original sounded well thought.
the recordings are clipping and sound over basy, but my efforts ain't to sharp either. =D
So the only thing that lets it down for me is the singing mid burp.

Crit back if you like.
Thanks both you guys for the crit

@Beast: yeah, ADTR are definate influences of ours, we're named after one of their songs

@Indy: I understand the screaming isn't for everyone, glad you gave it a shot!

I'll get to giving both your music a listen when I finish some work I have to get done for school!
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It's okay because whatever, forever
Hi guys!

just listened to your original tune! had some catchy vocals, not entirely my favourite style of clean vocals but they worked well with your style and didnt have any auto tuned shitness on them! kudos for that! reminded me a bit of old new found glory, with the catchy hooks crossed with ADTRs heavier sections. i was only listening on my laptop speakers but the guitars could do with being pushed up, its a shame to let them get missed! the song had a lot of energy which i can imagine translates well live!

you seem to be doing well for yourselves, keep it up!

c4c on this song for me? http://soundcloud.com/anthony-wiseman/forsake-me