Hey guys.

I have an old Kay Archtop, similar to the one Jack White plays, except mine has a single cutaway. It's an acoustic archtop, but I am so desperate to change the strings to electrics and plug it into my Fender Hot Rod Deluxe. (apologies for low-quality picture).

Now, the thing is that I have had a bad experience regarding buying the right pickup for the job. I have bought many neck pickups in the past that just do not fit in the Kay's neck position. The gap between the body and strings is just over 1.6cm, are there any pickups that will fit?

Any help is appreciated, thanks guys.
I'm sure you could put a piezo pickup on there if you can't find any others.
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I've looked at the Piezos before. I want to make as little changes to the guitar as possible, which includes taking out the bridge. I'd prefer a beefy neck pickup than those high-tech bridge replacements.
How is removing the bridge any more of a change than routing a cavity to put a neck pickup in?

I'm a bit lost here. If you were trying to fit one in that gap between the body and the strings, good luck trying to do that without at least drilling holes for the mounting screws.

Also, funeralopolis is a beast of a song.
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Speckled hen, I mean that I do not want to remove any parts from the guitar, I'd prefer just installing a pickup than removing and replacing a bridge.

And I bought a Gretsch mini humbucker neck mount, and it wouldn't fit under the strings. The top is just too curved.

Thats cool, I just wasn't thinking outside the box enough there
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LeviMan's right. I've seen pickups that mount to the end of the neck, and pickguards that hold the tone and volume controls. It can be done.
Check out these part numbers at www.stewmac.com. #5068 for the pickup, and #6155 for the controls. These are just for example. Similar pickups and parts can be found elsewhere for less cost. Good luck.
Thank you so much. I'll sell the Gretsch pickup and put it towards one of those, the gap between the brackets looks (and is) much bigger.