Hey guys, i've been looking for the tabs/chords to this song. I'm hoping that someone with a good ear can figure this one out. I've provided a link to a video where Allen plays it live in hopes that maybe someone can figure out what chords he's using also. I've tried playing it the way he does in the video but the chords just don't sound right. Is he in a different tuning other than standard? Thanks in advance

Live: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T7D6vEdUWDA
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Have you been trying the chords Gm, Am and F as barre chords ... Try those and play along with the song....it works for me.....sometimes when you look at the fingers of someone playing a song the chords don't look like what you think they are.... hope this helps
Thanks guy, these chords seem to work, it sounds like Allen uses some transition chords in the verses also. I'll use the chords you gave me as a starting point and I'll see what I come up with. Thanks a lot for your help. If anyone figures out the song before I do please share the chords you used haha thanks
Ill take another look at those as well....and see what I can do for you when I sit down and look at it some more....glad it helped
I think one of the transition chords might be a G that comes right after the F chord. At least it sounds right to me...