Did this a couple of weeks ago as I had some spare time off duty.. hope you enjoy listening as much as I did recording Love the band, and this song in particular!


Would very much appreciate some comments about my singing/screaming, criticism is most welcome! Thanks ahead

Wow, nice vocals. singing itself was pretty damn close, as for screaming obviously a little different from Anders' style, but still that was really well done. your screaming on its own could be used very well in original songs. I like it alot.

p.s i freaking love Schehf, he's why i started recording, i started with In Flames. (i have two on my profile. they were old covers and not as up to par with Schehf's lol.) still criticism is still useful for the future.

Cheers man Did check your In Flames covers, and you're spot on man, its great! Loved the Abnegation one, nice tune on your lead..and yes, da schehf is pretty bad ass when it comes to In Flames covers!

The plan was to make a band back in the day, although at the age of 18 I signed up for NCO school in the Air Force so meh. I'll try to get some original songs going, especially with such nice feedback!