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I'm looking at a new seven string guitar and my options are a 25.5" scale length and a 27" scale length for the guitar. I'm comfortable with both, but I gravitate towards the 27" due to my hand size and the feel of my 26.5" Schecter seven I have is quite nice. My question is, if I get the 27" will it be easy to set up in B-Standard and what would be an appropriate string size for the 27" and the 25.5"?

Thank you for your time.
The strings will feel less flabby on the longer scale length because of the increased tention. You can of course increase the string gauge on the shorter scale length to compensate for the tention. I would go for the one scale length that i'm most comfortable with and adapt the strings after it.

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Several of my favourite bands use 27" scale 7-strings for B Standard tuning, and I've borrowed them on occasion for the same tuning. I, and I believe they all, use .10-.56 7-string sets for B Standard at 27"; though I know one of the bands uses a .60 for the 7th string as they sometimes drop it to Drop A as well.

I find .10 on 27" feels about the same as .11 on 25.5" scale. The rule of thumb is that for every inch and a half you change in the scale length, you are going up in tension by the equivalent of 0.05 in string gauge, e.g. .105 on 24" scale feels about the same as .10 on 25.5" scale and .095 on 27". But .005-step strings can be hard to find, so best thign is to round up if you like your strings feeling stiff or round down if you like them feeling loose, obviously.

Inb4 over-compensating teenager tells you to use .14-.70
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^Funny enough, the guitar will come with .015 - .064. gauge strings.

My Schecter(26.5") feels much better than my Westone(25.5") when I play scale runs, tremolo picked riffing, and just heavy riffing in general, but my Westone is a bit easier to play leads. I think that's due to the poor job I did on setting up the action and I screwed up the tuning so my high E snapped.

Looks like it'll be the 27" then. Thank you all very much for your input. Much appreciated.