For sale is my BlackHeart BH15H handsome devil head,Blackheart BH112 Little giant cab and a Marshall MHZ112A Haze angled cab (both cabs have 12inch speakers and are 16ohm)

links for detailed product overview are below:




I have had this amp minus the marshall cab that i acquired from a friend,from new.They have never been gigged only used for a few practice sessions and have been thoroughly looked after,so they are virtually brand new.
They come with a power cable,a stock speaker cable and a planet waves non shielded speaker cable that cost me about £30.i have the original packaging for the blackheart head and cab if the buyer wants them.

Never been gigged or cranked up to max volume,was brought for the purpose of gigging and recording but developed C.T.S and had to give up guitar playing.

Im not prepared to split them up or post them because the cost would be stupidly expensive,so please don't ask.

Im looking for £200 for the lot.

Thanks for looking