Hey all,
I've had a 2010 Les Paul 2008 Standard Plus top for about 2 years now, and I've now got a 2011 LP R9 in the mail getting here this week. I'm getting a little sick of the burstbucker pros in the std (a little too modern and shrill sounding for what I'm into now), and now that I'm going to have another LP I'm thinking of putting APH-2s in the std to replace the burstbucker pros. Anyone have any thoughts or recommendations? How do you guys think the APH-2s compare to the APH-1s? I've also been considering the SH-PG1, anyone have any thoughts on those? I've been trying to try all of these out, but it isn't easy to find them all to play unfortunately.
Other question is, do you think it'll be plausible for me to install the new pups myself? Does it involve soldering in a 2008 standard? I do have some experience soldering, but in a $2500 instrument I might just rather leave it up to the pros.
Any help is greatly appreciated!