Hey guys, I'm new to UG. I have been playing guitar for over 5 years. Anyways, this thread is about gear!

My full rig:

Crate Blue Voodoo 60 head
Marshall MG Slant Cab
ISP Decimator
Boss DS-1 Distortion
Dunlop Cry Baby Wah Model GCB-95

I am satisfied with the sound of the head, but my main question was how do I tighten up the distortion? Should I buy a eq, or an overdrive pedal?
overdrive pedals tend to be used to tighten up distorted channels on tube amps. Your Crate is a SS head, right? If it is, i'd pick up a good EQ pedal. Infinitely useful in shaping your tone.
It's a tube head, not SS.

If you get an overdrive pedal get one that you can control the EQ some.
yeah just get an overdrive pedal like a hardwire tube overdrive. on the OD pedal there should be some tone controls on there to fine tune your sound anyway. OD for sure

if u had an eq pedal that would be to more or less balance a mix of frequencies.

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+1 to the eq pedal, and to an OD for tightening. The Tubescreamer in its many variations and its many clones available is the most common go-to OD for boosting/tightening, though you may favor something with less mids. Something I'm curious to ask is what tubes do you have in your amp and how long have they been in there?
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Replace the cabinet first. It's shit.

Secondly, you'll want a tubescreamer with that head. As far as I'm concerned, EQ pedals in guitar chains are pointless unless you're attempting to notch out a bad frequency.
+1 to the above as well. I don't know how well Blue Voodoos respond to Vintage 30s, but they're a pretty safe bet as far as speakers go.
Ibanez UV777 - Carvin TL60 & 727 - Jackson KE3
Splawn QuickRod - Mesa Stiletto & RoadKing - Peavey Ultra+ - Peavey Bandit
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The big boy BV120's came with 4x12 V30 cabs.

did those big crate straight oversize cabs come with v30's too? theres like, no labeling on the speakers in mine

but yea change ur cab

as for getting tighter bass after that,just use your ds1. turn the gain all the way down, level all the way up, and tone at about 12 oclock. go from there
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i own a blue voodoo. its not bad. mine is the 120, but pulled two tubes to run it at 60 watts (also cut ohms in half). i bought it to mod and will when i get to it. the kit with the components are $40.

as far as boosts go, anything tubescreamer based will be fine.

you would benefit greatly from a new cabinet.

i am running mine through V30's but in an old peavey cab.
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