I been playing a little over a year now self taught with a few pointers from a friend , I practice everyday at least an hour often longer I can play all major chords loads of barre chords and few scales .My Rhythm has improved loads too I wonder if anyone can give some advice on different techniques to improve the sound of what i am playing i pick a little and and use a plectrum I see guys using thumbs and handtapping .Advice please folks........
There's a lot of different things to try depending on the style you're into, let's think about doing some work on your right hand for ex.: Training your right hand without the pick gave me a great perspective, even when i kept playing with a pick, it's a great world and it even improves your pick sound.
Figerpicking techniques mostly involve 4 RH fingers (all but the pinky), usually called p,i,m,a from spanish guitar (pulgar=thumb, indice=index, medio=major, anular=ring), so 4 combinations instead of 2 on the pick (up, down), and you can even them simultaneously (ex. playing string 5 with thumb and string 2 with one of the others at the same time, which you cannot with the pick unless you run over other strings, which you would have to mute...).
Try combining these on your playing. How? You'll find out there are fingers which are easier to move and train like the index, and then tougher ones like the ring finger which is kind of trapped between the major and the pinky. So devote proportional time and patience to the more difficult ones, and eventually the hand will get "balanced", that is, you'll find equally easy to play with any of the four.

Ex. with open string and 1/4 or 1/8 notes:
1, start moving p p p ... then i i i...., m, and a.
2, combine p, i, these are the most used fingers
3, add m and a to the mix
4, when you are comfortable enough, try combining 3
5, then try to do stuff with to fingers at the same time

My advice is to first try to get a clean solid tech just plucking before going onto more percussive/slappy stuff you may want to get into asap if you have a funky rythm taste.

Hope this helps and you can discover the world of fingerpicking. I did after 4-5 years of playing with a pick and I think I started to listen to a lot more styles after that, it really opened my mind.

See you!
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