I do not really no in which category this falls, but I think Dark and Progressive fits a little bit.


Tell me what you think about it and I will listen to your stuff, too.
well anyways, guitar tone kinda sucks, vocals seem to forced, not natural, but i guess that might be just your style.
dude, im gonna be honest, this is not something i would listen to, it's not very creative or original, but music is something relative, there isn't an ultimate truth. If this is the style you like, keep doing it, just don't expect too many people to give you much atention
I like when the vocals and bass comes in, nice groove with the drums on the ride. Man this has a really creepy feel to it, and that panning on the vocals just makes it freakier haha! The guitars are a bit low, but they don't sound toooo bad. The part at 1:48 is pretty cool!

I find after a while it gets pretty repetitive after 3 minutes, but then the last part makes up for it. The solo parts were good, although the tone was a bit too gainy for my taste.

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I've got to be honest, when I saw that there was virtually no dynamic shift in this song, I was expecting something pretty bad, but I'm really digging it. The vocals have a very Marilyn Manson sound to them and the song as a whole reminds me a lot of early-2000s Dir En Grey, who are one of my favorite bands, so that's a pretty big compliment. As far as the tone goes, I think it fits the song well. Although, I think that the lead guitar could use a compressor to smoothen out the sound. I think it's just got a bit too much treble, but that's just my opinion. All in all, I like

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The production here is far from perfect but I'm really digging this too. That might be partially due to my love of dark and progressive music though...

I'm curious, which influences inspired you the most for this song?

EDIT: It does remind me of Anathema's Eternity album though which makes me think this is more Gothic Metal than Dark Progressive.
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I did get the A7X feel when listening to it. The vocals are cool, I like how you've got the low voice singing with the higher voice, nice sound! I really enjoyed the song.

You might want to work on thedrum loops a bit and get a bit of variation in there.

Otherwise a good effort, really enjoyed it. The vocals are the best part of this song!

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