i really liked it, It has a bit of a gothic metal vibe to it, which i enjoyed a lot. Nothing really to say but great job!
Thanks for the listen! You're right! it's definitely great to see another SLR user
Loved the vocals!! I particularly enjoy how dominant they are without having to compete with the rhythms how you liking that agile btw? I've had my eye on them for so long, but I can't say I'm a fan of the logo style :P but it's something I can overlook hah

Some of the notes are off a bit (the cleans) do you have problems with the setup or fretting, or was it just a matter of how hard you were fretting? A few sound off from a dead on tuned note?
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holy shit i loved it!!!! i really really really loved it! been a long time since i felt this much emotion listening to a song. keept it up!
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These vocals are superb as well as the guitar tone. Drums could be a little more interesting but that's not really a bother. I feel like its building up but then fades away. I think it should climax and keep going. The glitched out vocal at the end was interesting as well. I feel that your vocalist is at 50% power and could add a lot more umph to the song if she sang with more power. Not that her singing isn't powerful already. I think it's beast. But another verse with more power should bring out the best in the song. Just my 2 cents. Thnx for your crit much appreciated
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the intro reminds me of some of matt mcghee's work, but your really break away from that the farther into the song you get and it turns into a really unique thing.
Thank you all so much for your comments & checking it out.

Jonathan - Yeah really hate programmed drums, made it as interesting as I currently can. I'm currently learning to play/saving for drums/microphones/new 8chan soundcard. So I will have real drums on future work, though for now will have to do

Thx for looking into the cover

For example the second and third picked note played into the song on the cleans just doesn't jive, maybe it's an intonation problem or just my ears - but the note doesn't sound dead on to me. Maybe someone else can pipe up on whether that remains true for them as well? Just sorta clashes imo, especially since it's the few one notes in the bar that pop out for attention.

Me guitar is just an old samick that I've had around for ages :P It was my first and only electric for around 10 years. Just never got around to dropping a wad of cash on a new shiny guitar (not really inclined to nowadays either) They're cheap but good guitars, I think mine is an LS 11 model in particular.

Originally came with SCs. I cleaned its guts out and replaced all the wiring/pots/etc along with a new set of pups a few years ago. Yup, duncans ^_^ An invader for the bridge, and tbh I can't even remember what the neck pup is, as I hardly ever use it. I think an SH-6?
Honestly not what I expected from a song with an 8 string but a really refreshing change from constant breakdowns. I really like the vibe through out the whole thing, the ambient atmosphere is absolutely killer. I do have a problem with some of the guitar parts, there's one re-occurring note in clean section that sounds off, and when the distorted guitar first comes it sounds very wooly, when other parts come in and fill out the miss it fits well, but when it's more audible it's a questionable choice.

Also I can't take the name "About the Things" seriously... though maybe I'm not meant to?

Despite my few nit picks I really do like this track, don't get me wrong, great work.
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Really nice work buddy. Would sound great in a feature film of the Underworld/Twilight type. Vid was cool too. Great skills and clean production.
Thanks for your helpful crit

Your song: WoW, really amazing feel and vibes on this song. Im a big fan of post rock and this was on of the better when it comes to athomspehere and feel with both vocals and guitars (the drums was also nice, but maybe some more variety wouldn't hurt. Would be cool to change it up with perhaps some fat floor tom beats for example in BMTH - Don't Go at 1:21 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bbIrhqwKhL8). I would also be really nice with a part when the rhytm guitars playing a heavy break at 3:00 or so to make it more intresting. For an example, at 2:23-3:51 in this song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=84ySuZ5ClsE
I dont normally listen to this type of music, but I loved the vocals, except the effects at the end. Quality recording
Wow I really liked this! Not usually what I tend to listen to but I enjoyed the balance that you've created between soft melody and a bit of roughness. I really enjoyed the vocals and the way the song built up.

Also, the video was pretty cool, I like it when musicians make an effort to present more than just the music. I was thinking there'd be a build up and then a climax and a drop, followed by some heavy riffage, which would have sounded cool. I liked your progression though, how it builds up and then fades back away.

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Yeah definitely a great song. Well written. The vocals were very beautiful. There were some moments where I thought the instruments lacked a bit of clarity...but I think that's a pretty common gripe from me...hard to nail. Overall, very well done.