So I was working yesterday (at a supermarket) and I occasionally have my phone with me so I can use Shazam when I hear songs on the store PA system, but I didn't yesterday. We actually have some pretty good music playing, surprisingly (yesterday they were on a Counting Crows and Dave Matthews fix).

Near the beginning of my shift, I heard a song that sounded like a collaboration between Jack Johnson and, near the start at least, a rap singer of some sort.
I *think* it was Jack Johnson, the voice sounded a lot like him, and the backing music seemed to be a plam muted (well, slightly muted, or it could have been a plucked violin or something), arpeggiated chord.

If anyone can help work out what this song was, that would be awesome.
Matt Costa has collaborated with Jack Johnson but I don't even know who he is really
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I'll check out anything he's done with G. Love.
I doubt it was Matt Costa, he seems to be the typical indie rock type without rapping capabilities.

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Might be G. Love
He does a lot of stuff with Jack Johnson

That's what I was thinking.

Here's one of G Love's tunes, was it something like this?

Or if you said Jack Johnson it could have been this, it's one of his fairly popular songs.
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I'm pretty certain it was Jack Johnson, and my memory of the other singer isn't perfectly clear, but I don't think it was G. Love, but of course, for all I know it could be.
I think that the rapper sang first, then Johnson did the rest of the song, with no actual 'collaboration' between the two..
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Who the fuck is tyler_j?

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You like the songs you hear at work.. My god, i have to listen to the same like 50 song soundtrack every ****ing day... Not to mention it's an awful soundtrack. FUUUU i have to go back to work today and listen to it AGAIN