(crit on your acoustic tune, metal isn't my thing so my crit on that won't be worth much) I really like the vocal, the reverb sounds really nice. The piano sounds great too, although it does bury the vocals slightly. Guitar playing is great, understated but solid. In terms of the actual songwriting, melodies etc it's fantastic, nothing I can fault really. My only real criticism is that I would have mixed it a little differently, but if you like the mix then there's no reason to change it.
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The acoustic song: I think this sounds excellent, man. The vocals sounds great; awesome use of reverb. The instrumentation is good, and I like the lyrics and the feel a lot. It all has somewhat of a 90s Britpop quality to it. The piano at the end was a very nice touch.

The metal song:Off the bat it's very professional sounding. Again, the vocals are damn good. I think the guitars sound good, but I'd raise the mids just a bit. The clean break in the middle is very cool, and the solo after? Spot on. The tone is awesome and the solo itself is great. All in all, great song, man!

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Acoustic song: I really enjoyed this one as it's exactly my kind of stuff. I liked the muted guitar and vocals. The way the piano comes in when you say "ocean" really gave me the feeling of being by the ocean which is pretty darn awesome!

I loved the vocals and guitar, really well done. The song sounds pretty damn professional which is rare to hear!!!

Metal song: As the guy above said, this song is also very professionally done. The song is well written and you can tell that as soon as the vocals come in. The guitar and drums work well together and it sounds really tight!

I enjoyed both track a lot, especially the acoustic one!

Keep it up!

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Metal Song: It started off with a Slayer feel... but later it changed completely. That solo was amazing, makes me wish I was a better guitar player. This song is great, it stands out and doesn't sound like many of the cliche 80s bands that are out there.

Acoustic Song: I'm amazed that such a song can exist with only four chords repeating over and over haha. The singer has got a great voice, he didn't mess up once and just did a great job overall. This isn't really my type of music though so I can't go into more detail haha.

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