Sometimes I tune my high B and E strings up 3 semitones (so they turn into a D and G). 3 times in the past 2 weeks, my high E string has snapped. Does this have anything to do with the length of the string I thread through the tuning key hole? Usually I leave an inch or two, and the rest of the string wraps around a million times. Since I often tune my higher strings up, should I leave more string when restringing, or is my snapping issue unrelated?
I think it's un related, probably the string can't take the extra tension. try thicker strings?
no it has more to do with the fact that the strings arent really meant ot be stretched that much
if you want to go to a higher tuning its generally safer and smarter to use a capo for the tuning you like using tune the rest of your stinrgs down 3 semitone and use a capo where ever you want it
Thicker strings for the strings you are tuning up, maybe look into a custom set of some kind.
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Detune and capo...that's a sure way to break strings. I break G all the time when I tune to G#, I can't imagine tuning anything else more than a step either.
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thinker strings might break under the tension of just being tuned that high. the detune and capo idea is the best idea
dont listen to these retards. If youre gonna tune UP you want THINNER strings. The spider capo would also be a good option too.

and before everyone is cries about me "being wrong" just think of a standard set of strings. The higher the note, the thinner the string.
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Use thinner strings. The tension on a string is entirely determined by its mass, length and pitch. So you'd want thinner strings. However, your string can break at many points along its length, like the tuner. Is it breaking at the tuner? Perhaps you could wrap some cloth around it as you put it through/around the tuning peg.
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