Hey everyone,

So I started another thread in regards to advice about buying a particular top end guitar.

So yeah i'm upgrading my gear and willing to spend top money now that i can afford that.

I've been playing a Marshall DSL100 with its 1960B cab, for about 3 years now. I'm pretty happy with it and i might keep it, but i would like to experiment with new sounds/tones.

Mainly I play thrash metal stuff on it. Been looking at the Randall T2 for a while now. I will have a chance to actually try it out and play this coming weekend, so i'm hoping for a pleasant outcome.

Before i commit and buy though, has anyone played it before? Particularly for metal?

If not, are there any other amps worth checking out? I've seen some metal players use Hughes & Kettners, Engls, Oranges, amongst other brands.

I still have a long way to figure out my tone, but really i've never expanded outside of the Marshall box, so any advice will be appreciated!