I have been playing for a little over a year now and Ive recently been really interested in getting my technique as tight as I possibly can. I play thrash like xumer, Exodus, Slayer, Kreator, Death, Metal Church, Destruction, Megadeth and alot of original stuff. When I play things with typical bar chords with my ring finger falling 3 frets behind my index(base note) I typically hear alot of noise from changing chords. Its become really irritating to me after I started noticing it, I feel like i make more noise than music : ( Is there any excersises I can do to reduce/eliminate this noise, or any words of advice would be great. I dont experience this noice when changing the bar chord to a different set of strings for an example a 6th string 1st fret bar chord to a 4th string 3rd fret bar chord, I would experience no noise but, a 6th string 1st fret bar chord to a 6th string 4th fret bar chord I would experince a high level of excess noise. I currently do not run a noise gate/ supressor and have no idea if that would effect the noise. Thanks
isnt thrash just power chords usually rather than barres? If they are barres you will need to turn the gain down
Do you mean the noise created when you slide fingers that are only touching (not fretting) one or more of the base strings with high gain?

That's just to clarify, I don't know how to get rid of that noise and I would like to know myself...
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Yes Avielp its the noise in transitioning between chords where I guess my fingers don't completely come off the string. I find it very hard to completely lift my fingers off the strings and change chords. I can do it but its not very fast and sounds kinda clunky to me