I got two new pedals over the past week.
Won't bore you with a long, lengthy story.
Just some sweet pedal Porn.

First up is the big boy.
Been waiting a long time for one of these bad boys to pop up on the used market, and finall Bassam (denied) decided to sell his to me.

That's right fellas!

A JAM Waterfall!

Such a lush, thick, watery, warm chorus.
It's EASILY the best chorus I've ever played. It's way better than the Visual Sound H2O I had. I would recommend this pedal a thousand times over. WELL worth the $240 I dropped on it.

Next up is a UGer pedal.
It's a King of Tone cloned by UG's own Matt Molter (mmoltera or some shit)

It's a great OD and Distortion.
Nice crunch to it, thick, but a tad bassier than I'm used too, even with the presence pot up all the way. But it's nothing to turn me off of it.
Love the thing.
I am not at liberty to say what I traded for it, since it's part of the PBT's Mystery Box.

Full Board pic:
I spy a quarter and a penny.

Happy NPW!
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Man, I got all excited when I saw "BOSS," then you had to gunk it up with a nothing pedal from a nobody with blue paint and a sponge.

Nah, but seriously, nice haul.
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Jelly. I wish I could afford to splurge on a chorus like that.
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