Okay, I know Im gonna piss everyone off when I say this, but I think the Fuzz-face is overused in my opinion. It seems like nowadays, everyone and their dog makes a fuzz-face copy. Im looking for more originality in my fuzz pedal.

I was shaving the other day (mine's an electric shaver). I was shaving and it dawned on me that the sound of a shaver would make for an interesting type of fuzz. I am wanting a fuzz pedal that is reminiscent of a shaver.

When your barber first clicks on the trimmers, that sort of "whine" that you hear. I want my lead to sound like that. And when he actually starts cutting, its more that sort of "sand-paper" sound. That's how I want my rythm. Its hard to describe, but you know what Im getting at.

My budget is 100-150 dollars. I'll be alternating using it through a deluxe reverb and an ac30 if that helps. What would be some good ones to try that would be close to what Im after?
Fairfield Circuitry Unpleasant Surprise. Will get you sort of close to that. Or at least a really nasty sounding fuzz. I dig mine.
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I believe ehx did that sort of sound in their vids on youtube (effectology or something)
Check them out...all the vids!
Get a Boss HM-2. That pedal is a master of all things abrasive.
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You could mic up your shaver. Its like playing the woodsaw with a violin bow, alternative instrument!
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You can put a shaver just in front of your guitars pick ups.

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