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here's where I'm at... My first guitar is a Yamaha Pacifica 112. It's been great to play but I realised I was struggling with the stretching with (power) chords near frets 1-3. My hands are medium sized and not terribly bendy and the guitar is a Strat with a 25.5 inch scale.

So, I took a punt on a shorter scale guitar (24.75) and got myself a Epiphone Les Paul Standard. Now, I'm really like the shorter scale, chords are easier and the guitar is great fun.

However, the Les Paul Standard neck feel so damn chunky in my hand, it's making it hard down near the 12-14th fret and my hand really aches.

So what I'm after is a short scale guitar without a really chunky neck. Can anyone suggest some models? (I do like the wide nut width of the Les Paul, it's just the thickness of the neck...)


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How long have you been playing?

Look into LTD and Ibanez.
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I dunno how thick the neck is, but I'm pretty sure the Schecter Tempest has a 24.75" scale with 22 medium frets
I have been playing 18 months. So, I'm an experienced beginner if you like :O)
Thanks for the suggestions so far. The problem I have is that while a product will decribe itself as 24.75, the neck descriptions are always vague. I've just looked at the ESP website and the details are, well not detailed .

What would be useful is feedback from someone who's played a model and can say, yeah, these bad boys feel slimmer than a les Paul Standard, but are still 24.75...
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Jagstang, the neck is really slim. Too much so for my fat fingers!

I know where theres a 96 for sale too
Many ESPs are 24.75" scale length, the LTD series (specifically EC and MH models). The MH series was very comfortable for me but it was geared towards the wrong genres of music for me to get it.

ESP/LTDs are generally metal/heavy rock guitars so they might not be what you're after at all.

Otherwise check out ernieball musicman guitars (the student range) as they are pretty dainty. Fender are also easy as ****.
If it's really just the neck thickness you can try to sand the neck down a bit.
A little can give a noticeable result.
It'll also make the neck more playable (smoother).

I did this to my epi lp to remove the stickiness of my neck,
to get it smoother, but then I realised I had also changed the thickness of my neck.
Not extremely, but very noticeable.

It's my favourite guitar. I mod it all the time.
It feels totally adapted to me
Epiphon Prophecy and Ultra guitars have thinner necks than the standard Epi.
LTD guitars typically have necks a shae thinner than Fender guitars.
Fender has made some set neck Telecasters that are basically Les Pauls in a Tele shape, with a slim neck.
PRS SE 245s have a somewhat slimmer neck than the normal Epiphone and is 24.5" scale.
Fender Jaguars are 24" and have a neck comparable to standard Strats and Teles.
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Fender Jaguar (The blacktops are cool) and Fender Mustang are both 24" scale length.
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Agile slim 3000 + ( les paul copy )

epiphone neck are way too big for my small hands .. so is gibson , the 60's slim profile neck is a bit better but not much .

the Agile SLIM is basically a ibanez slim neck ( 17 mm taper thickness ) .. very slim ..

most confortable neck ever

Go with an agile SLIM 3000 from rondo music . great guitar at great price .

or maybe check out the ltd ec-1000 .

the slim neck of the agile is what sold me to Agile over gibson and epiphone anytime .

** with my small hands , i was playing children guitar before ( squie rmini ) cause everything seem to chunky ... now with the agile slim , im playing 24.75 scales and feel confortable .

if your in the us , give a try to a agile slim for under 500 $ .. best guitar in that money range . and slim neck = win .

too bad company doesnt specified the neck taper /thickness on their website . this IMO should be a very important info to provide . rondo does it for their Agile .

** but if your from overseas .. unfortunaly Agile isnt worth it , no refund or warranty .. very expensive shoipping etc..

check something else .
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thanks for the thoughts - yes, I am in the UK - so maybe the LTD\ESP models I should be looking at. I might try a Jaguar too if I can find one

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