I actually enjoed this, great songwriting here. The vocals are great, I hope the new vocalist will be able to keep up. The playing it all great really, the only problem I would say I have with it is the production, everything sounds a little low in the mix, making the whole thing sound a litle bit flat and one dimensional, if the guitars had a little more kick to them I feel it would give the son more depth (like the stabs at 2:27 but with that much kick through the whole song), and the drums are a little low in the mix and not a lot happens with them really. The structure was fine, and it kept me interested throughout, the solo was maybe a slight bit off at times but still served its' purpose well.

All in all I'd say keep it as a song with your new singer, just maybe have a look at the levels of all the individual instruments c4c? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1522762
The recording itself is pretty sweet! I like the guitar and especially the vocals. Melody and lyrics a really good!

What stick out here is how well the song is written so kudos to the songwriter! I really dig this style of music and really enjoyed this track.
I loved when the vocals end at 1:20 and the riffage comes in!


Could you crit mine please? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1521949
Sometimes the vocals are slightly pitchy, but otherwise I like the vocals. I'm not sure about the intro, it sounds better when the drums start. The song itself is good, I like the chorus part best & the instrumental part afterwards. The piano & synth add to it. Most of the playing is good, a few parts could be tighter. Perhaps you could review me at this link:

Hi Guys!

great work on the song writing side of things, good structure and did well to mix the guitars and keyboards to work well together! the vocals are nice, fits the music well! one thing that i found a bit repetitive was the drums, it sounds like the same beat throughout the whole song, i think they could be spiced up a bit, throw a few fills in here and there, also bring then up in the mix a little. i also feel the songs finishes quite abruptly, maybe just let it ring out more at the end or something...im not sure really!ha!

c4c when you can... http://soundcloud.com/anthony-wiseman/forsake-me

thanks \m/