I'm considering getting an Ibanez RGA72QM but I am really curious how its stock CAP LZ10/20 active pickups compare to the EMG 81/85 combo. Does anyone know?

Thanks in advance!
I haven't heard good things. Most of the Ibanez pickups are junk. Not horrible, but most players would want to swap them out right away.
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Just try them, you may like those pickups, I've played that guitar and the pickups weren't that bad.
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If there like the ibz-lz's in my art300 then there not too bad honestly.. i like them way better then the duncan designs that came in my schecter.. id say very compairable to the emg's
try them both, ibanez stock pickups aren't as bad as everyone makes them out to be.
I guarantee the EMGs would be better. I'm not an EMG fan(though I don't hold a grudge like some), but actives are their thing. Ibanez makes some ok pickups for their Japanese guitars, but they are still not quite up to par. The only exception I can think of are the F2 and F4, but people know that and they don't typically come cheap anymore.
I have the Ibanez Halberd with the CAP lz10 CAP lz20 active in it. and it sounds awesome. it does have a heavy mid sound to it, almost blackouts like but less bass. with the right amp there amazing. i use a peavey 6505 head and peavey cab. so the clarity/bass is already there with that particular amp so having a mid/high active pickup sounds just like studio quality without loosing really anything pretty well rounded with the right set up

I also frequently use my LTD MH100QMNT with EMG 81/85 with the same 6505 setup. and the emg has more of a DEEP digital sound to it, still clear. the highs can get lost in bass but with EQ/ing it turns out fine.


EMG has more bass to it, and a clear digital sound, mids are present

CAP has noticeably less bass(but does not lack!), and a clear digital-ish sound. mids are prominent

the only thing ive notice so far is once you've heard EMG in one guitar no matter what wood or brand. it has a consistent sound MINIMAL DIFFERENCE, where other active PUPS vary from axe to axe

IMO: high output passives have more personalty and tonal control and sound just as good(more natural) as overpriced possibly over rated actives