Writing while listening...
The intro is pretty cool, like the haunting sound of the organs,
the guitar and drums coming in took me by surprise, wasn't expecting it to enter like that at all but that was pretty awesome
Like the guitar tone a lot, and the solo work is incredible
The riff at 4:17 is great
as is the part at 4:51
The piano parts are impressive, you actually playing or is that programmed?
What's that instrument at 7:32? sounds a bit like an 8 bit flute or something haha, sounds pretty cool anyway
Love the super sexy solo at 8:55, amazing stuff, kinda reminds me of Jeff Beck in a way, although the entire thing collectively reminds me of Dream theater

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Thanks for commenting! I'll go give your track a listen.

Quote by \m/Gaz
The piano parts are impressive, you actually playing or is that programmed?

I played them, but since they go in midi I slowed the playback down in some parts a little bit to get them down they way I wanted. FAIR QUESTION!

Quote by \m/Gaz
What's that instrument at 7:32? sounds a bit like an 8 bit flute or something haha, sounds pretty cool anyway

I have no idea! Some Micromoon preset.
The intro was awesome.I love the organ, it gives off this haunted house but also a cool western vibe. Like entering an abandoned saloon.

Love how the guitar comes in! The short solo riffing is friggin' awesome! I also like the vocals, quite evil and dark. You might wanna work on the transition from guitar to piano as that was a bit abrupt.

Really dig the piano though. I also like how the guitar comes back in in a pretty Iron maiden-esque style with the organs still in the background. Sick bass as well around 6:40.

Love the organ solo and then the final melodic guitar bit around 9:20.

Awesome stuff man!

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Here's my reactions throughout the song!

I really love the intro, very circus*ish*, fits with the title of the song. Reminds me of some Unexpect songs, you should def check them out, they often mix circus music with metal, it's pretty wicked.

I like how the song really kicks in, also really cool guitar tone. However, I think the circus*ish* intro, as good as it is, is maybe a bit too long. Most of people that want to hear a rock/metal song will crave for heavy riffs and beats immediately, a slower intro is always cool but I do think that 2 minutes is a bit too long (but it's well written! Kudos for that!)

The organ coming back at the end of the ''HORROR RIDE!'' vocals is pretty sweet as well! And omg, sick upbeat riff right after that section, then again this reminds me a LOT of the band Unexpect! Love it. Slower part is unexpected and very melodic, that could have been a bit longer though, I really enjoyed it!

I like the structure of the song, there's no repetition, neither in the melodies, neither in the chord progressions, so you don't get bored through the song.

Halfway through now and it's still awesome!

Holy ****. 7:20 to 7:50 is my favorite part haha! Awesome melodies.

Finishes as smooth as it started, dig that.

Final words ; Awesome song, awesome recording, very original and refreshing, props to you!
Thanks for the review. Now listening to your tune. Intro starts out pretty well, though I think the intro drags on too long. Now it's more interesting now that the guitar started. By 4:30 I feel this would work in a play. Now I hear "Phantom of the Opera". This part at 5:50 reminds me of Yes. The keyboard sound at 7:50 is annoying to me. I like the swirling organ at around 9:00. You're singing is pretty good, I feel it could use more vocals. If something interesting visually was happening, the song length would be OK, but without that I feel the song is too long. Playing is tight, the melodies are good.
Hey thanks for the crit of my song the other day.

First off, I see why you had mentioned thinking of song-writing as a movie score with build ups and dynamics. This is certainly reminiscent of a movie soundtrack at points.

At 1:00, the organ-sounding soloing synth has good intentions, but the attack of the keys could possibly be smoothed out a bit. Of course maybe that's personal taste. I just hear the tick tick tick tick of the attack.

Good vocals at 2:18! Fits very well, good mix. I was disappointed I didn't hear them again.

I love the composition quality. The bass talking back and forth with the guitar at 3:00 is great. It's nice to hear somebody write something that doesn't insult the intelligence of the listener. This actually keeps me guessing and thinking.

7:00 and on until the solo around 8:00 really sounded like video game music. How many individual synths did you use for this?

8:44 has a great hang that grabs your attention back with the groove. It's like "Welcome back to sanity...but you know as well as I do that it won't last long, baby...enjoy it while you can." Those voices at 11:40 really brought out the state of mind.

Very tight soloing and riffs throughout. Did you write this song for any specific purpose?
Hey, thanks for the reply Eddie!
Synths... I just use my Yamaha YPT as a midi master and the crap a ton of vst-synths. The organ was probably B3X and the solo was some Micromoon preset, like I said earlier. I don't even remember the rest. SampleTank piano! Maybe 6-8 different VSTs(?)

I wrote this only because of FAWM! Just to get one more song done. Nothing more specific than that.
Well, you can only say that a song is excellent in so many ways. But your song is freaking awesome. I really appreciate your guitar solo work and the tone of the guitar is perfect for that song. And what I really liked about this piece is its variety throughout...There are a whole bunch of melodic sub-tunes within the whole song. Very good effort. Hope you get a chance to check out my stuff:

Metal Blues
thanks for the crit on my song! this is an interesting song. first thing is that the intro is way to long for me. lost my attention after about 30 secs. guitar tone and everything sounds really sick, solos are def spot on and very impressive. vocals weren't really working for me tho, they seem to be really high in the mix and very loud which can be kinda distracting from the music. Sounds nice tho man!
Well, it is fun indeed! The mixing isn't perfect, but there is a feel and a style to the song - i liked it!
You wrote this? Man its like an evil Dream Theater! I love it! And your tone...... im jealous!

How long did it take you to write that?

Take a wee look at my vid if you like, i uploaded it earlier
Hi January85.

Firstly let me apologise for taking so long in returning the c4c. Ive been recording our bands first album for the past two week and barley came up for air doh. Many thanks for the great comments you left on the track i posted.

I thought your intro was cool but it was a just a bit on the long side. The piece is very clever so many interesting things going on and it constantly developing, changing with lots of dynamics. You have great compositional skills. Your vocal reminded me of the big fella in nightwish for some reason. Your guitar playing is also very very good. Nice tones throughout. I did think that the hammond organ was a tad over used and bit out of place in certain areas. I agree with the dream theatre influence some the others had mentioned. Your a very talented guy i look forward to hearing more of you music.

Again apologies for the late response.
Good god, these riffs ROCK!!!! At first, I thought the piano part dragged on for wayyy too long. Then the guitar came in. Oh my god, I love the way you right! Most likely because it's so damn proggy! Musically, the transitions are great, phrasing is awesome. This piece sure is a journey!

That being said, there are still improvements that would be done on the mix. Bring them guitars out, son! They should be well up in the front of the mix. I appreciate the dynamic elements of the piece, surely, but that will make the heavy parts ****ing HEAVY!! The drums could be a bit better processed too, as far as compression goes. I love that your drumming sounds moderately interesting, too! People notice diversity when it comes to that.

Dude, I totally dig this. Like HARD!! Keep it up man, seriously great stuff here.

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The intro does a good job of setting the mood without being boring. Great playing on this track. All the parts are very well done. The guitar comes in very powerfully and really excites the song. Love it! The guitar solos are catchy and technical without being overly complicated. Piano is just great, my favorite part about this song. The vocals also help keep the mood of the song through out. It's fun tot listen to because it's like you're listening to a few songs all in one. I have no idea how you managed but you combined metal, classic rock, and Ray Charles. Great job keep it up

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