I'm planning to gift my 12 y.o boy cousin. Not a birthday gift or anything. But something that will get him started into the world of guitar-playing.

He went for 1 or 2 classes and thats about all he knows. He's more into video games. So, I want to gift him some book/DVD-set that will be really fun and easy. He already has a guitar.

So, guys, please drop your suggestions

Thanks in advance.
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i remember when i was that age a family member actually bought me a month's worth of lessons to start me off. but maybe something like a tab book by a band he likes or stuff like that?
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If he's not really into guitar playing, giving him lessons would be a waste of money. Give him some music that'll get him excited to play guitar. That's how I, and I think a lot of other guitar players, got into playing.
give him a dvd of megadeth or metallica live =D he will search his guitar like a drug addict searches drugs
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Rocksmith actually isn't a bad idea. But the game itself might not be very fun.. I dont know. Never played it, but I've heard it's not exactly amazing. There's a new game coming out that uses real guitars, too. I dont know what its called though.
But, IMO, DON"T give him a DVD to watch. That's what Youtube is for, and I certainly wouldn't sit in front of a TV to try to learn how to play guitar.
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Why don't you just play with him?
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This book got me started on playing guitar back when I was a young'n.


It seriously has everything, from "This is the neck, this is the body" to "This is what you want to look for in a booking agent." Also gives recommended listening for different styles, a ton of musical theory, etc etc. And it's super cheap.
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Does he enjoy guitar? Keep in mind that most people who pick up the guitar drop it. You can't force him to like it, so let him do his own thing. But if you want to give him a guitar related gift, give him something that will be actually useful, and not cheesy/stupid. Maybe some strings, cleaning/polishing kit, a pedal? Kids go apeshit over pedals.
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My cousin was having problems learning on his own and bought that. As far as I know, he liked it.

It seems a logical fit. He's somewhat into guitar and more into videogames. Buy him something to combine the two ideas.

If not that, maybe buy him Guitar Pro or a book of tabs from bands he likes?
What guitar stuff does he currently own? ie guitar, amp, etc.
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