Sounds pretty darn good In my opinion the guitar was a bit muddy and the drums maybe a tad loud but I dunno, maybe it's just me :P Great job nevertheless!
Wow! The compression on this track is really something else!

Also, those are some low tunes. One of my friends is crazy with undertuned guitars. Me, not so much! Anyhow, this has got that nice primal rhythmic feel to it. Really gets you going.

The solo is awesome. Wouldn't mind hearing some more of that crazyness!

About the drums... the cymbal playing almost constantly in the left speaker gets a bit distracting. Did you have a LCR approach to this? I would maybe leave it to center since it's such a crucial part of the song and really throws the experience out of balance. Or maybe Haas it! Might work.

Compositionwise, I can't really think of anything negative to say... but then again I rarely listen this kinda music. I'm more of a melodies guy. And the solo was awesome!
Wow that sounded pretty badass!

I really liked the guitar and the low notes, awesome tune. Suprisingly catchy for music of this style, it's still in my head.

The only improvement I would consider is to turn down the drums a bit, they overshadow the guitar at the beginning.

Some cool soloing dude!

Could you crit mine please? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1521949
Hi mate!

thanks a lot for the crit!

im liking the djent still riffs you got there, also hints of old korn before they turned bent!ha! killer solo as well! maybe the guitars are a little muddy for me, because of the super low tuning, thicker strings, less gain? is there a bass guitar in there? good groovy riffs though, should be great when you make a full song!

Typing as I listen: Starts off pretty kickass! My initial thoughts on the drums is you should maybe lower the kick a tad and maybe spread the cymbals and lower them a bit too. Those guitar harmonies and then the sweeps + solo, so kickass dude. You got some groovy riffs, I think the song should be a bit longer with a change int he groove and the notes used, like maybe go higher or something I duno just a suggestion!

Overall I dig it bro! Nice work!
I am far from a djentleman, so take this with a pinch of salt. I thought it was good for what it was, the guitars maybe a bit muddy as well, but I suppose it comes with the territory, really. The solo was really good, especially the heavy delayed part, really enjoyed that you did that, but again, it was a tad quiet for me. Still though, a pretty solid recording. You said this was an intro, when can we expect a full song?
First off, this is badass. Complex riffs, odd-timing, great playing, good use of the fretboard. Just sick. I would have personally duplicated the rhythm guitar and panned it to about 90% left/right channels, then change a few of the tone settings on one of the channels, so it would have given a more 'full' sound and the appeal of two rhythm guitars for a much heavier feel. Solo was awesome. Nice skill.

Crit for crit?
Thanks for the crit!

Wow, that was amazing! That solo, the harmony, everything! You succeeded in creating a song that wasn't cliche or generic. You truly do have skill with the guitar. The quality was pretty good, much better than what I use haha.
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