Hi there.

I am about to record some death metal, and I have written my material in Guitar Pro 5 (I also have GP 6, but prefer 5). Now I need a program I can export my guitar and bass parts to, to make it sound more realistic, without having to record it meself.

Also, is there any drum program, that can make the drums I have from guitar pro, sound better/more realistic?
The RSE that comes with both of those programs aren't very good. Why don't you just record them yourself? Using anything else will make it sound too synthetic.
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The drums from guitar pro are actually surprisingly good, you just need a solid sound system to drive it to really notice it....

But agreed, if you can record the parts yourself it will sound much better than anything digital.
Well, I could record it meself. If I had the equipment to do so. I don't have, so I am looking for a digital way to do it?
It will take significantly more work (and money) to make a midi track sound good than it would for you to buy a sngle input interface with an SM57 and record it. I spent a month on a project with a string quartet in Logic using the Synful orchestra synth and I already know how to do it all. It sounds real. My school hired a string quartet who recorded it in 20 minutes, it sounded better.

You could even plug your guitar straight into your computer and use an amp synth and get a better feel than having to add expression to a midi track.
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The bass might be easier to do than guitar, as long as it's simple lines and don't have a whole lot of expression. But I can't really think of any synthesized guitar program that would sound good.

As for the drums, there are loads and loads of drum VSTs that you can make realistic drum tracks with from MIDI files. Search up Superior 2.0, Steven Slate Drums, Addictive Drums, etc.
You're asking a lot. Death metal in particular relies on the pushed air of a cranked amp. $100 for an M-Audio Fast Track USB. $80-ish for an SM57. Crank your amp to the point where you hear the volume coloring the sound. Place the mic one inch back, move it off-center until the guitar's note is as loud as or louder than the guitar's fizz when you record, and you're golden. Oh, and with that same M-Audio interface, you can record your guitar direct, pitch shift it down an octave, slap a TSE B.O.D. on it, and you have a bass. Everything you need for under $200. Is that manageable?
Oh right, and the drums. Use the free program Reaper for your recording, or if you don't want to, then just follow my tutorial and export it as audio and import it back to whatever you're using.

Write EACH DRUM of your drum parts on a seperate track. Export each track seperately from guitar pro, then convert the midi to MP3 with a free program online somewhere. Then import each seperate drum into its own track in Reaper. Next, use DrumReaplacer (may need to download seperately from Reaper, depending on version) on each of the aforementioned drum tracks, and download a sample pack likethis one. Find a sample you like, fully replace the crappy midi drums.

It's gonna sound fake, but until you spring for something like EZDrummer or Slate, it's the best you can do.