Hello, I like to record on my laptop via my RP-150 pedal which plugs into the USB port on my laptop. But Whether i use reaper or audacty, it seems to have timing issues. So, ill record something and it is either too late or too early..

anyone have any ideas why?


Also, recordings come out off time on their own. So, I can record myself playing an A D E chord progression with playing all notes seperately, and it will come out so they are all out of time with each other..
thats pretty sweet that it comes in to early in your recordings. its like it can read your mind and know what to record before you even play the note!!! where can i get one of those?!?
I have the same issue when using Reaper and using the USB port on my Vypyr. I know that there's a way to set u[ your computer so that the delay will go away, but I'm not sure how. I've just started recording individual parts using a metronome outside of the program and syncing it up after I've recorded the part.
it's called latency. There are basically 2 kinds, monitoring and recording. If your tracks are being recorded late, try adjusting your buffer settings. Your interface may come with software to aid in this too.

Also check your DPC reading with the free DPC latency checker. Hit me up if you need some more help!
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Try going into Reaper preferences and see if you are using the correct audio systems and drivers. Also like mentioned up above, try reducing your buffer size. See if that works for you.
If your coming in too early and your chords are out of time I recommend you play with a metronome more. Hardware can't make you come in early. In most cases I have experienced, time is always off a consistent amount if its purely hardware latency.

It sounds like you have issues in both hardware and playing in general. Check your drivers and try running ASIO4ALL with a low buffer rate. Its possible depending on how slow your computer is your cpu maybe the problem.
Okay, thanks for comments. I think FireHawk, that you are right with playing.

I did a test with doing a small solo over the Dont Cry (guns n roses) chords and there is defiantly a hardware issue, although maybe playing has come into it aswell..

when Im home i will play around with the reaper software - Thanks for replies, ill keep this thread updated.