Hi guys,

I've been recording some tracks in garageband, and now I have them down I'm sending the basic tracks (Drums, Bass, 1 guitar) out to some people for them to put something down on top of it. The aim is to see how different the ideas of musicians are when presented with the same piece of work, since I already know what sorts of parts I'll be putting down.

Anyway, I've sent the basic tracks as iTunes files so the musicians can listen to them, but am not sure how to go about the next stage. Some of them have garageband so I'll be sending them the file so they can put their part in directly and control the tone and mixing from there, but my only ideas other than that are for people to use them as a backing track. Is there any other way for people to record using them if they don't have garageband?
I may not be of much help... but what you are saying you are sending them the garageband tracks as an mp3? if they are using another recording program they can drag and drop those mp3's into their software of choice into a seperate track and record alongside.
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its pretty easy though
if they don't have your DAW have them record their part and bounce it to wav or aiff. you can then import it in GB.
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