I love it when I find old material to work with.

I liked the intro a lot, when the guitar comes hammering in and then goes in to the solo riff. Really good stuff! The piano add an awesome melancholic touch to it. I love it when the solo really kicks off and then goes in to the piano solo.

Good stuff, good drum loops as well!

Could you crit mine please? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1521949
This is an awesome song dude. The heavy reverb on the track as a whole is a little weird to get used to but it really helps the ambiance. I love your use of distorted chords and the piano layers. The drums have a really good groove and sound to them as well. If this had vocals I'd throw this in my car and jam to it man, it's good shit.
yea man, It really needs vocals. I've been trying to find someone on campus to work with but it's been tough