Really nice man, would love to hear more of it! As for crit, only in midi programming i could find something to say, for your chord changes, because the fade in, they sound like there is a gap between them, try to start the notes before, to overlap with the previous, so they get a more leggato feeling. Exceept that sound was what you intended to. Cheers!
I love ambient music, so much, you have no idea, and this is no exception. The strings are awesome, just the whole vibe of it is very mellow, but interesting, and ear-catching. Nice work!

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Typing as I listen: Starts off pretty sweet and smooth, it kind of makes me want to reflect on my life ahaha. It's a touch saddening but also has a sort of silver lining feel to it. I thought it should have been a bit longer and maybe introduced some new effects or sounds to create some more dynamic as to keep the listener more interested and hooked. Overall this is a nice sounding composition, work on layering some more stuff and improving it and you've got something epic!

C4C? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1519446