I play acoustic blues (pick, not so much finger) and I'm looking for a new acoustic guitar for under $1000.

I currently own a Seagull Rustic ($300-$400) and I really don't like it.

I don't know if I should buy an acoustic or acoustic-electric?
Which guitars should I avoid?

I would really like an ebony fretboard.

Whether you want an acoustic or electro is down to how you're going to use the guitar. If you gig alot, or want to record without a mic, electro is probably the better option. If it's for home use or recording with a mic, you'll probably get better value with a straight-up acoustic
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I currently own a Seagull Rustic ($300-$400) and I really don't like it.

What is it about your current guitar you dislike?
another dave's got a good question - what don't you like about your seagull rustic? it'd be easier to recommend a guitar once we know what you don't like. also if there are things you DO like, that would also be useful information.

btw, for what it's worth, i prefer the wider neck of the seagull s6, and also very much prefer the tone.
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Thanks for the replies.

First of all I don't like the neck. I played a Guild and loved the flat neck.
Then I don't like the finish. I'd love a gloss finish.

I also really don't like that I find the sound too dark and not resonant enough.
I'd like a sound with less bass and more treb/mid.

I found that I much more appreciate ebony fingerboards.
Well I ended up going to Quebec City and got a Taylor Ga4 over there, with a K and K preamp.

Thanks for the help!