Hey all,

I've been writing music for a decent amount of time now, and I'm proud of what I've done with respect to the fact that I do it alone. The problem now is that I find myself being very repetitive as far as the actual music part of songwriting goes. I always have a chord progression, and that same progression generally carries on through the whole song because my brain doesn't let me try something new, I just keep going back to playing basically the same progression through the whole song. I love writing, and this is a rut I'm stuck in. Help please!

Thanks, friends.
I dont really know because Im no good at writing music, but you could try taking 2 of the songs youve written, and try putting them together, so one of the riffs/ progressions would be the verse, and the other the chorus, then try come up with a way to stitch them together.
Try listening to some new stuff. Listen to some David Bowie maybe, where the song flows through different progressions. Get a feel for how one riff can lead to another, and another, etc.

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I'm pretty sure this belongs in techniques. But I agree with the guy above who said the stuff about soloing.