Liked the intro, and i guess the verse part on guitar. The transition to the louder part was a little awkward for me the first time I heard it, but the second time going to it, I wasnt caught off guard as much. I think it has potential to be a real good song. I like the structure of it, and with lyrics, and a full band i could see all the transitions smoothing themselves out. Keep it up!

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The recording quality isn't the best but I really like the song! As said before, the first transition is a bit abrupt. Maybe try to fade the distortion in and out.

I really enjoyed the song though, the intro was quality and enjoyed the kind of dark vibe to it. The distortion was really fitting as well. Would love to hear with some cool seether style vocals, a really good track!

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As everybody has said, the recording quality isn't great... However, I did really like the song for what it is. It's more of a soothing song than anything else. It has an intro you can get into and the verse/chorus flow perfectly in my opinion. I can feel the sadness from this song, you did a good job putting in all you had.

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