Hey UG people!
I was wondering if you could help me.
I own a Fender Stratocaster Highway and a Fender Telecaster + an Epiphone SG.
The power from the Epiphone i'm fine with it, but i would like to get more power from the Fender guitars.

I was wondering what pickups should i buy (was looking at Jeff Beck Signature pickups)
But i wand a very beautiful clean sound out of them and an violent distordion sound similiar to a hambucker(only 4 more months to a Gibson LP )

With musical love
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I would recommend one of the following setups, from the neck to bridge pickups, for the Strat. I have two guitars with the Lace Sensor setup and one with the Dimarzio setup.

Lace Sensor: Blue, Silver, Red (neck, middle, bridge)
DiMarzio: Air Norton, Chopper, Fast Track 2. (neck, middle, bridge)

The Lace Sensors are warm and grunge-ey...
The DiMarzio's are a little brighter and metal-ey without losing the qualities associated with the Strat sound. I like both, but prefer the Dimarzio setup.
And your amp is?
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