Hey everyone I recently acquired a nice piece of bubinga but I'm not sure what to use it for. I was thinking either a few fret boards, using strips of it in a laminated neck, or making a whole neck from it. Its pretty heavy so would a whole neck be too much?

I also have been given a relatively large piece of 3/4" bamboo. It is a plywood but its all bamboo, no filler/crap wood. I was thinking of making a hollow body by cutting two halves, routing out the internal chambers and gluing them up into a 1.5" body blank. I would like to get some of the more experienced builders opinions on this. Is this a good idea? What can I expect tone wise? Will it be too heavy even after its hollowed out? I'm just trying to get a feel of what I will be up against before I dive into it. Here is some pics:

Any advice for either piece will be greatly appreciated, thanks guys!

So this thread didn't get much attention, maybe some pics of my experimentation will spark an interest.


hollowing out the body

The GAP! After routing out the chambers and freeing the shape with the band saw, the bamboo immediately warped leaving a massive gap between the pieces.

The clamps! I can only hope that the glue will hold over time and that the wood will relax and stay straight, but I assume it will be persistent and over time split apart. Time will tell.

so now its sitting there drying till tomorrow, hopefully it will hold up. I'm pretty sure that if I had not made it a hollow body it would have stayed dead flat, but that was just poor decision making on my part, but if nothing else this will help others know what not to do with bamboo.
Looks good so far.

I have to ask you, why is that Powermatic Tablesaw not in pristine condition? You have to treat the tools like they are your family. At least I do.
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Timbit2006- I see what your saying but believe me I do take care of my tools but that saw belongs to my grandfather and is older then me(I'm 21) so its got a lot of battle scars. I'm pretty sure its been rebuilt twice over its life span too. The whole shop is pretty messy and most tools are pretty old but I cant just move everything to clean it up cause its not mine and he would never be able to find everything. I cant wait to have my own shop because it will be spotless and well organized, but for now beggars cant be choosers I suppose.
This is great work you're doing. Bamboo is a really novel material to work with. Bamboo is technically not a tree. It's a grass.
Have you ever thought of making a neck-thru body with a laminated bamboo neck?
I think it might be super-resonant with string vibrations, as in endless sustain.
This body you're making might do the same thing.
Have you thought of cutting an f-hole or sound hole?
Great work!
The neck might be a good idea if laminated with a really stable wood or with carbon fiber rods or something, depending on how this build turns out I may try that in the future.

I am planing an F/sound hole of some sort but I'm trying to come up with a design I like, something slightly different then normal. I'm thinking of doing a larger one on top and a smaller one on the bottom to go with the non-symmetrical body shape.
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Fender just did a bamboo tele, so you might want to check that for a rough guide on the tone. Its a solid body though, so nothings exact here.


Thats just a bamboo top. not the whole guitar.
Looks great man! I love the shape
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For a finish I think I'm going to do a solid black, maybe with some metallic flakes to make it sparkle!

Just kidding, I'm not sure yet but it would be a subtle stain if anything, I would like to emphasize the fact that is bamboo so I'm going to test a few different stains on some cut offs and see which brings the grain out the best. Maybe I'll even try a slight burst using a medium brown stain.
This is great, and I really like the shape!

The striping on the sides are also really cool. Do you think it will be pretty strong? Maybe I just have the wrong conceptions of bamboo, but I never think of it as a strong wood.
Bamboo is ridiculously strong.

I think a coat of Natural Danish Oil will bring out the colour.
..I was watching my death.
Thanks for the video chip, its a shame that they actually painted the bamboo parts. Maybe there is a future for bamboo instruments after all, It is very expensive though. I really can not wait to hear the tone I get from this thing, I have high hopes but low expectations to avoid disappointment.
For the sound holes, how about a stylized samurai sword. Its got the same general shape as a f-hole, and fits with the bamboo - Asia theme of the guitar.
Ohhh, that is gonna look sexy when its done.
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That's a really cool shape. I was under the impression that bamboo would eventually warp and crack unless it was very well sealed/laminated. Something to do with it being a grass and not a proper wood, and the cells being too moisture sensitive to be stable. I won't claim to know if that's completely true or what but I've heard it from a few reliable sources.

It looks way cool so far and hopefully it stays intact for you, but maybe a clear coat or sealer of some sort might be a good addition in the long term?