I've got a peavey max 126 bass amp
Lately its been creating a buzzing sound alot. It happened for a bit when i first got it but i opened it up and tightened everything thinking it fixed it. This was back in 2010
Lately even without anything plugged in it vibrates, the power piece.
I've tried various guitars at different settings. Usually its the low noted that cause it.
Tried it in different outlets around my house. Still happens.
Any tips on how i can stop this myself or would i have to get it looked at by a professional?
Have you tightened the screws again? The screws in amps tend to come loose every couple of years because of all the constant vibrations.
Yeah I've tried but its a vibration even when i turn all the knobs down and it creates a buzzing like a shaver. its coming from the power piece