Hey I am having trouble with the timing of this intro riff. I hear the metronome but I just cant get the riff to work with the metronome. Can someone please tell me more about this riff, maybe the time sig as well? thank you.

starts at about 9 seconds

Time sig is 4/4 all the way.
The last 16th of the 4th beat is often 'tied' to the 'one' of the next bar which might be throwing you off. (syncopation)

I'd say practice just counting the beat: "one, two three four...." over and over to the riff until that syncopation doesn't throw you off the beat.

Once you can count it without feeling 'pushed' or 'pulled' by the syncopation of the riff itself, you'll have developed a better feel for the riff.
The whole thing is 4/4. Just a fair bit of syncopation.
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