Any style. Any where. Any number of songs. Just email me at adam1094@hotmail.com with 'mixing' in the subject line and we'll figure out a way to get your tracks to me.

I'm trying to practice mixing and mastering with all styles of music. As long as you have each individual instrument file in .wav or comparable format i will mix it.

This is a professional product for FREE!

message me.
You're not bad at this, but if you think it's perfectly fine to just come in here as an unknown user and advertise then as far as I'm concerned you can sod right off. There's a thread stickied in this forum section that is clearly designed for people to have their studios/services advertised and displayed and to be in it all you do is follow the OP (which tells you to message MatrixClaw with the required info).

If you can't be bothered to do that then I have no remorse in reporting this thread. Try to make a better first impression next time?

And for the record, I haven't reported this thread as I'm intrigued to see how mature your response will be...
Hey, look. Sigs are back.
Haha, sorry dude. I never post on here (or any forum for that matter) and I had no clue there was a specific page for it. Didn't mean to disrupt the natural order of things. I'll repost this business there. Thanks for not killing the post. Wasn't trying to make a bad impression, just get some experience. Appreciate the tip.
No probs, I've been in an unusually cheerful mood today so you and some other people who've posted threads that are in the wrong place/a bit spammy have been forgiven for your sins

Anyway, if you do want to generate some interest on this site it probably helps to have some form of presence by being an active member as people will be able to learn about your mixing style, knowledge, experience and favourite genres etc. which could open doors etc. Apart from me on a bad night, and lockwolf who is the grumpy git we grew fond of, everyone here is pretty friendly!

Edit: From this page, scroll up and click 'Recordings' in the forum chain thingy showing the forum you're in, and then it is the fourth or fifth sticky down, called 'Official Member Studios List' or something like that.
Hey, look. Sigs are back.
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Haha, I might have to. I've been here for a while I'm just usually to busy working on music. Could you link me to the page where I should post?