first impression: the strings that come with it aren't much good. I'm gonna pick up a fresh set of D'Addario's sometime probably tomorrow. Setup is pretty great out the box but it could handle some slightly lower action, which I'll adjust as soon as I get those new strings on. The neck could use some work but it's nothing some fine steel wool can't handle. You can't expect perfection out of a <$200 6 string but I think they did a real great job on this one considering the price.

Now lets take bets on how long until that gold hardware isn't gold anymore
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I don't give the "gold" a long lifespan :P: , but douglas and SX are both still fine in my book and that sounds like a pretty good NBD to me. It looks sexy as the dickens! Did you order it through Rondo or somewhere else?
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I ordered through rondo. I'm not too keen on used markets where I can't see the product before I buy it.

In other news, Rondo ships their stuff with some really terrible strings. I'm playing with a pick since they're far too abrasive for fingering, but the fingers of my left hand are turning black from all the nasty garbage on these strings. Definitely getting some D'Addario's tomorrow
Quote by CJ Noble
Now lets take bets on how long until that gold hardware isn't gold anymore
It never should've been gold to begin with IMO. I hate gold hardware, and Douglas uses it way too much. As for the dirty strings, Rondo instruments are notorious for that.
Rondo's stuff is surprisingly well built now but its rare you get a instrument without some issue. I had a bit of fret problems that a tap on a fret hammer sorted out. Still I love my 6 string Brice.

Happy new Bass day. Enjoy!
Well I suppose that would be because I posted them there.

I picked up a nice new set of D'Addarios (32-130) today and adjusted action and intonation and it really brings out a great sound in this bass. After playing this with new strings I might start buying rondo stuff exclusively

as for the Doctor Song strap I mentioned on BTF, here it is. By far the most comfortable strap I own, probably because it's almost 30 years old at this point and is worn in pretty good.

above picture also includes a bonus stray hair