Dear heart I know I said I’d call, but you don’t know the half of all
The things that I’ve been seeing here
I hear it all, it’s here I fear uh-huh

Dear head I know you probably think the things I said were too obscene
But heart told me those little things were symbols not an object,
Blink your eyes and tell me sweeter things, cover me in blanketing
It’s plain to see, it’s plain to me, I’m vein and I’m a wreck you see uh-huh

Dear hands I know it’s been a while
But they say that writing’s back in style
So I’ll take paper, I’ll take pens
I’ll make my body clean again

And if I were a movie screen I’d play it back, so you could see
Those hideous monstrosities, nestled in my pocketing
Though frightful it’s a sight to see how I’ve come from where I’ve been uh-huh

Dear space between my ears I’ve seen
Ones and fours and twos and threes,
We studied all those silly things, just pissing tests for old routines

And all my friends are dead you see or dying just like you and me
Regardless of my fever dreams I find myself alive and sing