So I just picked up one of these: http://www.peavey.com/products/software/xport/index.cfm/item/117951/Xport%26trade%3B%26nbsp%3BUSB%26nbsp%3BGuitar%26nbsp%3BInterface%26nbsp%3B.html

and for the most part it works great, sounds amazing. But there's a slight delay between when I hear the notes and when I'm actually playing them. It really effects my playing.

Any solution to this?
Is there an option to reduce the the buffer rate? A smaller buffer rate will reduce latency
What drivers does this use? Asio, I would hope. Use that if you can. Also, are you talking about recording or monitoring the input? If you're trying to use your daw/amp sim as a real amp by playing back the input in realtime, yeah, there's gonna be some latency. That's not easy for computers to keep up with.