So, I just broke one of the (admittedly) cheap machine heads on my Blueridge. So, for the evening, I'm clamping the string cutter on the tuner to tune.
So, I gotta ask: what size bushing does this take? Will it accept the standard vintage style or is it the larger import style?

It's a BG-40.

But, yeah, three years really have been hard on this guitar, pics follow

Man, I gotta tell you. This guitar has taken a lifetime of hell in a few years, but it's taken it like a champ. It continues to play and sound as beautiful as the day I bought it. It's looking more and more beat up, though.

I suggest this brand to anyone looking for a quality "budget" acoustic between $4-900. Once I get my new tuners, I'll be a happy clam, once again.
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You know, I learned that starving artist style living in Midwest Winters is just... hell on acoustics. That guitar would go from a hot, dry apartment to freezing conditions, get thrown in the back of a car, driven 15-45 minutes to a gig, usually walked a few blocks from parking to the bar/club/open mic and then spend 4 or 5 hours in a sweltering hot, moist bar and then get sweated over for a half hour and then back out into the freezing cold. It's no wonder that the soundboard is split.

Blueridges, my now "go to" acoustic brand.
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i've got a BR-180 that i'm pretty sure i'll never get rid of.
it's been a few weeks now and i'm still in love with it...which has to be a new record for me.
can't help you with the tuner size but i definitely +1 the brand
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If you go to the Stewart-McDonald site:

They will show you all the standard measurements for tuning machines, and steer you to the right size to purchase.
Or... You could just go to your local music store and see what they have in the parts bin...
Most any store that's been in business for a while doing repairs will have a box or two of old parts; I often get tuners for my cigar-box guitars that way.
actually, I was already thinking of getting these:
but, I have no idea if they'd actually fit the guitar. I don't have a micrometer to tell what size the holes are. The differences are something like 8.5mm vs 10mm or something, iirc.
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Got a set of Grover Sta-tites, in the coming days, we'll see how they fit the Blueridge. Hopefully, it'll be a match made in heaven.
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that's what this thing'll probably look like by the time I'm that old
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