As I sit here ending the Monday night with a Jack and coke, I found myself wondering what the legend John Bonham's drink of choice was (or really any of the Zep guys, but for obvious reasons Bonzo was the initial thought). I tried searching Google and nothing showed up. Anyone on here have any ideas? (And I wasn't sure if this should go in this forum or general discussion, but I figured it did relate to a band, so I put it here. If it goes in general please let me know and I'll move it.)
I know Jimmy Page was introduce numerous times onstage by Robert Plant as Jimmy "Jack Daniels" Page. He was often photographed with the bottle as well, so I can at least give you that.
I didn't know about the Jimmy introduction, but I had seen several pics of him with a bottle of Jack. I assume Bonzo drank anything and everything. If I recall correctly when he died it was after drinking vodka, but I could be wrong.
I do believe you are right cmford. Vodka was his choice when he died. I want to say he did 47 shots of vodka. Never been a big fan of vodka but too each his own!
didnt he drink 40 shots of vodka before he died? such a pity, he was was of the greatest