I have a Budda 2x12 right now and I want another to complement it. I'm the only guitar player in my band and I want to have one cab on each side of the stage for a stereo effect. I don't want two 4x12s because it would just be a pain in the ass, especially when we go on tour.

Must be 8 ohms (my Budda cab is 8 ohms only so I'll need another 8). So Orange is off the table I think. I could get another Budda, perhaps the open back (I have the closed now). Or maybe build my own at Avatar?

Should I get V30s to complement the Budda Phat 12?
Hey Drew,

I just responded to your thread on feedback problems. Then I saw this. Personally, I would focus on getting your feedback problem fixed. Granted, I don't gig - but running cabs in stereo is over-rated imo. You would have to have a very specific application and gear to pull that off convincingly. What I've learned is that most people just end up with phase issues. Your amp does not support stereo right? What do you play that requires stereo?

Now, running a wet/dry rig - I could see that. In most amps if you run 2 cabs then your impedance is halved as the cabs are seen in parallel. So, running 2 - 8 ohm cabs will give you a 4 ohm load. FYI