whats up guys?

just listening to your tune now...good effort on your first song!

firstly i would have to say the levels of the instruments and vocals need to be adjusted, vocals and drums down a bit maybe? drums sound, maybe raise the kick volume a bit and lower the drums as a whole to let the guitars come through more, gota couple of good riffs that are hidden a bit! musically a good arrangement, vocals could do with some work though.

good first effort, just alter volumes by a few dbs here and there would make a lot of difference i think!

c4c? http://soundcloud.com/anthony-wiseman/forsake-me
Hey, good effort on your first song,

I agree witht he person above about the levels needing adjusting, the cymbals need bringing down, the guitar could do with coming up in the mix and maybe a little adjustment to the tone and the vox definately need to come down in the mix. The bass however sounded great.

Mixing aside, I think you've got a few good riffs in here, good structure all round. The solo starts off great, but it seems like you kinda run out of a ideas a little at about 1:44 which is a shame because I was enjoying the initial melody. Once again I'll comment on how much I liked the bass, very solid work there. All in all a promising first song

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Vocals really aren't that great, to be honest. I could hear this sounding a lot better being recorded with more scream/growl experience. Sure they have the distortion for it, but they lack any and all power. I say practice a lot more and re-record everything for a much better track. I'd double track the guitar too. It could be a lot better, but I do hear quite a bit of potential here and there. I agree with the above posts too.