OKay I have a chance to get a Triple X2 or a 6534+ head I played the XXX-2 and like the sound Have not had a chance to play the 6534+.

I play Death Metal what would you choose ?

Amps I own Now

Peavey 3120
Peavey 6505+
Randall V2
Fender Super Champ X2
Fender Mustang Mini
Peavey Vypyr ss

If you have played the 6534+ would you say it could do Death Metal ?
They're not a whole lot different than the 6505+, just a little warmer and more "British" sounding. Perhaps a bit "looser" as well. I think they sound good, and could do death metal with the right EQ settings and boost options. But not any better than a 6505+ for that...

If you already own all of those Peavey amps, I'm not sure a 6534+ would be different enough to justify owning one. I'd maybe look at something with a more different sound, unless you're buying it to replace the 6505+...
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Hold the phone. You have two amps that are extremely similar to what you're looking at. No joke, the XXX II is literally a modified XXX (3120), and ditto for the 6534 and the 6505.

What don't your amps do that you want out of your tone?

Answer these questions please, and we'll get you some good advice https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1387138
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Honestly I would get something more like a JCM800 for when you want to throw out the thrash metal!
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Thanks for the fast replys.

I was not going to trade any of my amps I just had the extra money and was looking at maybe a new toy.

I could get a Peavey Windsor head for $200.00 bucks I think they was Peavey clone of the JCM800 ?
The windsor can be changed to a jcm 800 circuit with 20$ of parts IIRC

And yea, the EL34's just seem to kill te signature 5150 tone and make it so overly tight its lifeless almost, and very harsh at times.

Maybe itd work for deathmetal but I dont think It has enough clarity under high gain.

Im actuay trying to get rid of mine, probably goin to unload it for a mesa, got it down to 2 so a NAD maybe due soon
If i were you i wouldn't bother with the 6534+ if you already have a 6505+. And the XXX II is just a JSX with a new look due to Satriani leaving Peavey.

I'm looking at the 6505 and the 3120 atm. Which one do you prefer?
If you need better cleans and leads but not so good rhythyms, 3120, my buddy owns one and its killer for that, albeit quite bright.

The 6505 for more of a metal all around-er or for amazing rhythyms

I also cant stand the peavey fizz, make sure that wont drive you crazy
i would suggest keeping either the 3120 or a 6505+,sell all the other amps,get the axe fx ii and thank me later
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