Hey guys, hoping to get some answers to a question I have had. Does anyone play a PRS SE245? I play one through a Vox AC15CC1. Reason I ask is cause I'm trying to find a great tone for this guiar for what I play. I play as a guitarist for our church and for a side band that does play shows. I love the guitar don't get me wrong, only problem I am having is I feel it puts out way too much treble. What is the best way to tackle this and get a good clean warmth tone an everyone once in a while a light distortion, again without so much treble. I have rolled off the bridge knob (pot) to about 8 and keep the bridge volume knob at about 7. Just not sure if this is a permanent solution. I even have the treble mostly turned down on the Vox and the bass up a bit. No knobs for mids sadly. Any suggestions? And I play through an OCD fulltone for distortion. Thanks guys.
not familiar with that amp, but SE245's tend to be warm, clear and vintagey sounding. are you finding on the SE245 bright through that amp or other guitars too?
Yeah it's just this guitar. Buddy tried playing his fender jazz master and it sounded great. I prefer to play PRS but when I play it through the amp it gives off way too much treble (or any amp). Down the line I would like to look into a Mira. But yeah with the 245 maybe it's the pick ups?
From my experience that particular amp puts out a ton of treble even with the treble knob at zero. I don't really think it's the guitar.

Fiddle around with the EQ of the amp and try turning down the tone pots on the guitar.
Try the neck pickup? Failing that maybe an EQ pedal, but that's a really bright amp, you're going to have to work to get it not treble-y.
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Thanks for the heads up. As soon as I'm home I'll be Messing with the amp some more then. Maybe drop the treble and tone cut.
The SE245 pickups are pretty bright, even with most of the tone rolled off. At least that's what I noticed. So it's probably the guitar and amp.
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