I was thinking about buying a cheaper Ibanez, Jackson, or Schecter, but while looking at reviews, I ran across a couple models from Rondo Music (Douglas Spad and Hadron). I know that, for the price, I won't be getting great electronics or pickups, but I would be in the same situation with the aforementioned brands.

I have seen a few of the questions that I had answered on here, but are these guitars decent guitars for the money? How bad is the Floyd on the ones that have one? Is the fret work decent on them? Thanks everyone.
I have bought a Douglas before as a gift for someone else. For $100, it wasn't bad. I'd say it was a lot better than a big name guitar that would cost $100.

Don't get one with a Floyd though.
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some are decent, but if your looking for a floyd guitar, STAY AWAY!I think even the full agile guitars have bad floyds, but that claim is just based of one I played that went out of tune when I did some vibrato with it. The Douglas should stay in tune if you get a fixed bridge or a wilkinson bridge guitar. they also have good grovers.
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You think like I do... buy one with a decent body and neck and plan on upgrading the electronics. If that is so, can't go wrong with Douglas. As mentioned before, avoid the Floyd. They make some string-thru body models that I think are really nice.
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